Billing Software for PC | Sales, Purchase Invoice, Stock, Ledger Management Exceldesk VBA

Suitable for small business. With this billing software you can create invoices as well as automate activities such as stock maintenance, ledger creation, and daily reporting.


  • Voucher Type – Purchase, Sales, Purchase Return, Sales Return, Receipt, Payment, Opening Stock & Quotation Voucher
  • Report – Datewise Voucher Report, Receipt & Payment Report, Summery Report
  • Stock Management –  Stock Summery Report, Out of Stock List, Expire Stock List, Lot wise Stock List

Billing Software for PC | Sales, Purchase Invoice, Stock, Ledger Management Exceldesk VBA

If you are looking for a software for your small business then definitely try this Excel Desk billing software. Because we are presenting this template in Excel VBA in a simple way and at a very reasonable rate.

It has many features by downloading just one Excel file. You can use that data for many activities by using the master data service. It can store all the records related to purchase, sale,Receipt, payment and stock.

Accounting in software means hiring an accountant and paying him a salary. , Software is expensive then their maintenance is costly to small business.
This excel template is a best option. Here you will find all the features like premium software. A 30 day trial is also available by downloading the free demo.

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Company registration will be required after the file is opened. Without it, no option will work. After clicking on the company info icon, the company registration form will open. Enter the name of the company exactly. Once the company name is registered, it cannot be changed again. Then fill in the address bank and tax pan GST related information. If there is a single rate for all goods, ‘Enable GST Rate as per Below to all Goods’ tick this option. Add GST rate. If you want to set the Including GST for all goods and vouchers ‘Set all Voucher including GST ‘ tick this option. You can put a special remark set for customers below in the receipt and invoice print.

The party master option is used to add and save customer and supplier data. You can edit all the information using the Edit button.

Item Master is used to add and edit all kinds of goods. Item Master has the option to set the item name purchase rate and sale rate. Select the unit from the unit list.

Unit Master – Add a unit by clicking the Add Unit button to add a new unit. And set the item for Item Master.

  • Click on the voucher icon to add the voucher. Once the voucher window opens, click the Add New button. All types of voucher lists will appear. From there, select the type of voucher according to the transaction.
    After selecting the type of voucher, select the party name. You can find the names from the list of all the parties.
  • Tick on the appropriate option for Interstate Voucher, With GST Voucher or without GST Voucher and Including or Excluding GST.
  • Select items from the item code or list for item details. Purchase rate or cell rate will be filled automatically depending on the type of voucher. If there is a lot number and expiry date, leave it blank. Add Qty. And click the Add button.
  • Added items will be shown in the list box. You can add 200 similar items in a single voucher.
  • If you want to make any changes or additions to the item, click on the item in the list and click on the Edit button. Update as needed.
  • After adding all the items, click on the service button. After saving, change the print option to Yes  or No as required.
Edit voucher – To change the item in voucher, click on the edit button, enter the voucher number and update the voucher by making the desired change in the voucher.
Delete Voucher – To delete a voucher, enter the voucher number by clicking on the edit button and enter each item in the list. Once all items are deleted, the full voucher will be deleted.

Receipt and Payment – Save Cash or Bank Transaction using customer or supplier’s receipt and payment option

All customer transaction details are automatically generated by date.

Voucher reports of any period will be available with one click. You can create the desired hour report using the drop down filter in it. And print that report.

Stock report is automatically maintained. You can view all the reports of any period.

  • stock summary report
  • closing stock
  • Expiry stock
  • Lot wise stock

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